Wills and Probate

Everyone knows they should make a will, but it often languishes near the bottom of the to-do pile.

Whether you want to write or update a Will, contest a Will or deal with the affairs of a loved one who has passed away, SL & Co can offer all of the legal support that you require. 

The law around Wills and Probate can seem complicated but we’ll make it as simple as possible and communicate in plain English. We’ll give you clear information about the costs going forward, so that you know exactly how much you’ll pay. We can also help with Inheritance Tax planning to minimise the amount that your estate has to pay and make sure you can leave as much as possible to your loved ones.

However, making a Will isn’t as stressful as you might imagine it to be. A Will makes sure that those you care about benefit from your “estate”. That means everything you own and have worked for, after debts have been paid. And with the guidance of a specialist lawyer, it can be a smooth and straightforward process.

It helps to look at this from a different angle. If you die without having made a Will, your estate will be distributed according to law and that runs the very real risk of someone other than those you intended to benefit inheriting your assets.

Our Wills, Trusts and Probate lawyers take time to understand exactly what you own, the people who matter most to you, and the provisions you would like to leave. We’ll advise on the best, most tax-efficient, way of sharing out your estate and of structuring any terms.

We’re here to make the process easy for you and help you to consider your specific circumstances as a whole by taking into account any property and assets you own personally, as well as any business interests you might have. And we’ll help you express your wishes in a way which leaves no doubt for the future. We can also help you provide for any disabled or vulnerable beneficiaries through the creation of Trusts which can protect assets from means-tested benefits or outside influences.

We can also help you make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) if you're worried about managing your finances or making decisions in later life. We could also help you challenge an existing LPA.

Working with us means you’ll get clear, cost-effective advice from specialists. If a loved one has died, we’ll work sensitively and efficiently to minimise the stress you experience at this difficult time. 

Our Services include:

  • Will preparation
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Preparation and administration of Trusts
  • Making and registering Powers of Attorney
  • Administration of Estates (in accordance with a Will or the Intestacy laws)
  • Deputyship applications
  • Post death Deeds of Variation
  • Probate Disputes

Once you have made a Will, don’t forget about it.  Things change, relationships develop, people come into and go out of our lives.  So, it’s important to keep your Will under review.  We recommend you should revisit it at least every four or five years – or when a significant change affects you – to check that it still reflects your wishes.

Whether you instruct us to prepare your Will for the first time, or to update an existing Will, we’ll make sure that it is well-thought through, clear and legally binding.  And in the process, we’ll make the task of planning for the future as straightforward as it can be.

For further advice on wills and probate, or to discuss your case, please contact us through the online enquiry form or telephone 01564 777250

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