Corporate Law

Corporate law is an increasingly complex area which requires specialist expertise on the part of your advisors and professional team.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide that expertise in a timely, commercial and relevant way in conjunction with your other advisors. Many of the legal decisions requiring to be made by your business from time to time are ‘once and for all’ decisions which must be correct first time round, with little or no margin for error. SL & Co fully recognises that fact and we can help you get things right.

Corporate Finance

Finance is not only a constituent part of every Business, it is the very hub on which commercial activity turns. Finance is often needed to provide for start-ups, expansion, product development, reorganisation, short term liquidity problems and many other purposes.

We can assist in locating, negotiating and securing finance on competitive terms and in the provision of professional advice. We can also assist in the following areas:-

  • Raising Equity Capital
  • Raising Venture Capital
  • Finance for Management Buy Outs and Management Buy Ins
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Debt and Mezzanine Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Leasing, Factoring and Hire Purchase Agreements
  • Finance for International Trade

We can also help in putting in place the security documentation that most lenders will require. We are able to deal with the restructuring of companies to accommodate equity finance as well as with related issues when lenders ultimately exercise their right to exit the business.

Corporate finance transactions often require lengthy and complex documentation. We are able to guide you through the transaction and the documentation in a clear and structured way enabling you to make informed decisions at a critical point in the life of your business.

Corporate Services

"The Company and every officer of it who is in default is liable to a fine and, for continued contravention, to a daily default fine" This expression (and variations of it) appeared 158 times in the Companies Act 1985 and similar provisions are contained in its successor the Companies Act 2006, the remaining parts of which came into force on 1st October 2009.

The effects of these provisions are that officers of the Company such as Directors and Company Secretaries as well as the Company itself are liable to a fine for failing to comply with the provisions of the Companies Act.

We can provide clients with a full LEGAL AUDIT, which includes not just a review of Companies Legislation but all legal obligations covering the fields in which they are involved. Examples include Environmental Law, Competition Law, Employment Law etc.

We prepare and file all Statutory Documents with the Registrar of Companies.

We review the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association and update them to clients' current needs. We review Contracts of Employment to ensure they meet current Employment Law and provide sufficient protection for the Company.

We also update and maintain the Company's Statutory Books.

For further advice on corporate law, or to discuss your case, please contact us through the online enquiry form or telephone 01564 777250

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