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Our Philosophy

Corporate law solicitors based in Solihull, West MidlandsOur philosophy is to provide clients with the very best in legal services at competitive rates to enable them to stay ahead of their competitors, achieve their objectives, resolve problems, maximise profits and minimise losses.

We believe in providing a friendly and client-orientated service of Quality and Excellence at all times and ask you to let us know if at any time we do not achieve such high standards.

We deliver on time and on budget and we have the ability to adapt to changing needs and circumstances as they arise.

Company & Corporate Law

We have extensive experience in all business-related transactions including:- 

Corporate law is an increasingly complex area which requires specialist expertise on the part of your advisors and professional team.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide that expertise in a timely, commercial and relevant way in conjunction with your other advisors.

What clients say !

"I cannot recommend Stephen Lockwood highly enough. His professionalism and knowledge of corporate and commercial law is outstanding. He is a giant in this field and the best value that money can buy"


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Commercial Law

Commerce is defined as "buying and selling, trade, dealings, having profit as the main aim".

Commerce has come a long way since Napoleon described us as a "nation of shopkeepers". With the many pitfalls that exist today in commerce, coupled with ever increasing regulations, it has never been more important to obtain good professional advice before committing yourself to a commercial enterprise. Because we are both Businessmen and Lawyers, we can see the matter from your viewpoint.

EU/International Law

We offer a wide range of services to assist clients in maximising their potential abroad including the provision of advice relating to European and International Law, preparation and negotiation of agreements such as Joint Venture Agreements, Distribution Agreements and Supply Agreements

Corporate Finance

Finance is not only a constituent part of every Business, it is the very hub on which commercial activity turns. Finance is often needed to provide for start-ups, expansion, product development, reorganisation, short term liquidity problems and many other purpose.


Franchise Law

We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of Franchises both for the Franchisor and the Franchisee. We can advise on the Goodwill value of a Franchise being purchased and indeed on whether a prospective Franchise does amount to a Franchise, as some of them don't.

Corporate Services

We can provide clients with a full Legal Audit, which includes not just a review of Companies Legislation but all legal obligations covering the fields in which they are involved. Examples include Environmental Law, Competition Law, Employment Law etc.

Competition Law

Competition is the driver for innovation and growth within the market place BUT anti-competitive practices injure the competitiveness of our economy.

Under the Competition Act 1998, the Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Prohibitions place strict rules on companies and their business activities.


Landlord & Tenant

Many businesses find it convenient to lease their premises. One of the advantages of this arrangement is that it avoids a large capital payment at the outset which would otherwise be required to purchase the freehold. It does however also have a number of potential pitfalls which require particular care and consideration as well as proper legal and commercial advice.


Residential Conveyancing

We understand that moving house can be one of the most stressful times in people's lives and you will receive a service designed to minimise those stresses, by guiding you through the entire Conveyancing Process.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Law is that area of law that relates to legal rights connected with creative effort, commercial reputation or goodwill. This includes literary and artistic works, films, computer programs, inventions, designs and trade marks.

The law prevents others from simply copying or taking unfair advantage of the industriousness of the author or creator and provides remedies if this occurs. We have extensive experience in advising clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law, including applications to the Patent Office, as well as in bringing and defending proceedings in the event of Intellectual Property disputes.

Partnership Law

A partnership can be formed simply by two people setting up in business together with the intention to make a profit. As the definition may suggest, a partnership can be extremely flexible, although it is wise to incorporate the main terms of the arrangement between the partners in a form of Partnership Deed. 

Similarly on termination of a partnership it is highly desirable to have a formal Deed of Dissolution addressing issues such as the return to the partners of capital, the date of dissolution and the obligation to have dissolution accounts showing how the partnership assets and liabilities are to be dealt with.


Commercial Conveyancing

You will receive expert legal help that ensures ownership is transferred efficiently and in a timely fashion, minimising disruption to your business.
You will receive a service of Quality and Excellence at a Competitive price. We have a practice of continuous and never ending improvement.


Care Homes

Over the past few years there has been a steady increase in the number of people taking up life in care homes of one kind or another. The amount of regulation to which homes are now subject can sometimes obscure some basic points about homes and the services provided by them.


Family Law

If you're considering divorce, you've probably already thought long and hard about the implications for your family, and your finances.

Whether you are concerned about custody of children, protection of your assets, or simply ensuring a peaceful and amicable separation from your spouse or partner, you can rely on SL & Co to help you.

Hotel & Leisure

We are able to advise Buyers on the best way of protecting their investment and negotiating the best terms possible in a Sale and Purchase Agreement, including a full warranty package. Our Sale and Purchase Agreements for these types of transactions are tailor made for the job and designed to protect a Seller or a Buyer, depending upon the client.


Management Buy Outs

We have extensive experience in managing both Management Buy Outs and Management Buy Ins:

Our expertise means that you benefit from a seamless and successful Buy Out or Buy In. We have a friendly team waiting to hear from you and turn those plans into reality.


We have extensive experience in debt and bankruptcy (which is also known as personal insolvency). We advise individuals, business owners and families how to avoid bankruptcy, setting aside Statutory Demands and defending bankruptcy petitions which are often presented by creditors such as HMRC.

Employment Law

With ever greater employment legislation giving rights and protection for employees, it has never been more important to obtain clear and precise professional advice on employment-related matters.



Media Law

In a world where all forms of media and communication are easier and more efficient, Media Law is becoming more important than ever before. The provision of virtually all forms of entertainment will require some form of licensing arrangement, ranging from “performing arts” licences to software, computer and information technology licences. Similarly, confidentiality (or perhaps breach of confidentiality!) as well as data protection issues, are all relevant to this area of law

Sports Law

Sports Law is a separate and distinct area of law which encompasses issues requiring a wide range of legal expertise. These areas range from contracts and sponsorship arrangements on the one hand to the resolution of sport related disputes on the other, and even franchising and merchandising arrangements. Licensing agreements and management contracts are also important areas which need specific legal expertise to deal with them effectively.

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